Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Story of Stax Records

This is a playlist of Stax Records. It is a documentary and story of Stax Records. This story should be known. We always here about Motown, but not all of us know about Stax. Al Bell (Stax Director of Promotions): "The finger snap signaled a change."

I often use to wonder about the Stax Logo. When I was a little girl, I wondered why they used a hand for a logo. I saw the logo as a hand and not a finger snap. Even though the fingers are together in the logo, I could not put it together that it was a logo symbolizing a finger snap. The hand was always spooky looking to me through a child's eyes. Now that I'm an adult, I laugh at my thoughts as a child. So what does the symbol mean to me now. It means music. The symbol represents all of us that love great finger snapping music. I can see more clearly now laugh out loud.

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