Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wylie Draper as Michael Jackson

Clips from Jackson Movie
Wylie Draper could act, dance, and sing so much like Michael Jackson. He played as Michael Jackson in the movie "The Jacksons American Dream." Wylie also was a dancer in Michael Jackson's video, "Remember the Time". It is sad news to me, and I am just finding out today that Wylie passed away in 1993. Wylie was born in 1969 and would have been 42 years of age if he had lived. Wylie died of leukemia. I heard nothing about his death in 1993. Maybe because he wasn't famous enough, but he should have been.

It's sad to know that both Michael and Wylie are now gone. They could have entertained together. If Wylie had been living today, he could have done a tribute to Michael and could have carried on his legacy. If Michael would  have recognized Wylie more, we might would have known about his death. I guess Wylie's acting in the Jackson's movie was enough. I sure did not know that he was a dancer in Michael's video, Remember the Time. Michael did recognize him and Chris Tucker too.

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