Saturday, February 26, 2011

Florence Ballard Interview


Hear Florence Ballard's interview. Hear how she was treated in the days of Motown. To me, it sounds like she was treated like she wasn't a human being. It sounds as if other Motown members may have been hurt too in those days from what I gather from other news. When I was young, I had questions why everybody left Motown. I think it is all coming clear to me now. We see the happy smiles in pictures. It looked like Motown was a family, but we did not know their trials.

Berry Gordy and all of the Motown family were very young in those days. People can realize how wrong they were and can change and make things right. People can admit their wrongs but they will not. Sometimes people make mistakes being young and foolish and not knowing any better. Then again, some people have hearts so hard, they never apologize or change. The older someone gets, the harder their heart gets. It's hard for some people to heal and get over hurt. Sometimes we have power and do not use it by doing what is right. We have power to forgive, and we have power to free someone from a burden when we are wrong. People just go on hurting, and it's hard to put the past behind them. It's hard for people to unite and come together. People need correcting.

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