Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don Cornelius Soul Train Legend Remembered

It is said that Don Cornelius took his own life at age 75. It's a sad way to die. His life was good as far as a career and a retired man from Soul Train. Don must have been very troubled so bad that he had to end his life. It is said that he had been through a bad divorce. When he was no longer on Soul Train, I would often wonder what he was doing because I never heard anything else about him. I could tell that he was a very private man, but for some reason, my mind stayed on him. Right before his death, I had seen a Soul Train documentary on VH1 last year. I had a funny feeling about it because it had been such a long time since I heard anything about Don Cornelius since Soul Train. Right before his death, I have been seeing repeats of Soul Train on television. I am sad that he has taken his life. He must have been really tired of fighting.

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