Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Temptations

The Temptations were a talented and big group at Motown. They sound  soulful and religious singing blues. Otis Williams was the leader of the group that brought them all together. He had a tenor voice. There was Eddie Kendricks. He had a high pitched voice. There was Paul Williams with a baritone. Melvin Franklin had a deep bass voice, and David Ruffin had a raspy sounding voice. The Temptations were the biggest and baddest (best) singing group at Motown. When they sung their hit, “ My Girl”, you could hear how they blend wonderful. My favorite part is when Eddie goes “My girl”, then Paul going higher behind him, and David goes even higher after Paul. They made “My Girl” a beautiful song.

There was a movie made about the Temptations in 1988. According to the movie, there was anger in the group. The guys could not get along. David Ruffin was always late, and they voted him out of the group. Fans loved the Temptations, and fans really loved David Ruffin. The guy that played as David name was Leon Robinson. Leon looked like David’s twin. I didn’t know David in real life, but if I didn’t know Leon was Leon, I would have thought he was David. Not only Leon, but all of the characters did wonderfully and made you think you were watching the original Motown.

After David left the group, he went solo and made hits. Then Eddie Kendricks left the group too, and he went solo. Then the Temptations had a reunion tour. After that, according to the movie, David Ruffin died a tragic death, and Eddie Kendricks died of lung cancer. The Temptations were a great singing group at Motown that will always be remembered.

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