Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marvin Gaye_Troubled Man

The song Marvin Gaye wrote, What’s Going On, means a lot. If Marvin just could have seen what was going on in his own life before his end, he might would have been living today. He was talented and gifted and had to find his way in music. There was so much in music that he could do, and he had so many styles. I think Marvin was unsure of himself because he needed his father to be proud of him. He needed his father to say, “Yes, Son, it’s alright what you are doing. The music business becomes a sin when you have too many women, drugs, and sex. Stay away from it.” I think Marvin Gaye had a jealous father, and he hated his son. No matter what Marvin did, Marvin did not seem to please him. Parents back then seemed angry when their children didn’t do things their way. They were hard and sometimes mean. Maybe that’s how they were brought up. I don’t believe it was always right.

Marvin Gaye's father was a minister. According to Marvin's sister (Jeanne Gay), Marvin was a free spirit, and he didn't like to be told what to do. It is also said that Marvin's father always told him that he didn't know where he came from, and that Marvin was not his son. He told Marvin that he had too much of the devil in him. It is also said that Marvin's father was a strange man and wore female clothing. I think that Marvin's father thought that Marvin was going to be a better man than himself. Marvin's father would often beat Marvin when he was naked. Marvin and his father were not close, but Marvin loved his mother. She was there to defend him and encourage him. That is what Marvin needed from his father. He also needed his father to love him. Marvin's mother is probably the reason he became a great star. She told him he would be one day.

To me, Marvin was a great Gospel singer. However, he had talent singing love songs too. His father did not like it because he felt that Marvin was leaving his calling. I think Marvin's father and his beliefs had a hard effect on Marvin's life. Marvin had a struggle inside about good and evil. Marvin said, "I think we have two sets of gods in us. We have to decide which power we are going to serve."


As far as Marvin singing the blues, I really don't think that he has done wrong. A love song is simply a song telling someone how much you love them. I do not think that it is a sin unless you do it through lust. Lust is a sin and not love. Love comes from God. He meant for us to fall in love, to marry, and have families. The way Marvin was taught is that he was a devil. Marvin probably thought that he was not loved by God or his father with guilt inside that he was doing wrong. I think it got to the point that Marvin just started doing wrong. If you tell a child over and over again that they are bad, then they are going to be bad.

Children need some freedom to grow and enjoy. They must be children until they grow up. Becareful what you say to a child and show them love. Teach them what is right the right way. Explain to them what they are doing is wrong and how it is wrong. Teach them that God will always love them. God always loved Marvin, and I believe he is great in mercy. Sometimes the things that happen in our lives is not our fault. Maybe Marvin's father needed help in his life somewhere down the line. God knows all about each and every one of us. He's the one to talk to. Let God be your strength and guide. When you are weak, he will make you strong. Never stop seeking God. Marvin became weak and tired and his life was taken. I have learned a lesson from Marvin Gaye. The sad thing is Marvin was killed by his own father.

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