Friday, January 6, 2012

Debarge Story Part 1

From YouTube
It's Friday night. Nothing is on television. I found TV One's Unsung very interesting on YouTube. Are you a Debarge fan? I found a documentary of the Debarge family. I use to often wonder what happened to the Debarge. They were a gifted family and most people that I know loved them. I was friends with a girl that was crazy about the lead singer, EL Debarge, while I was a Michael Jackson fan. I miss the days when we would watch both families perform. I remember my first time seeing the Debarge. I was standing in front of a television for sale in a department store named Montgomery Ward. That is how I saw them. My mother asked, "Who are they?" An old fan of the Debarge just happened to be standing with us that we did not know. She told us the story.

Enjoy Part 1 of the Debarge story:

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