Friday, January 6, 2012

Michael Jackson Saved James Debarge

From YouTube
There are a lot of things happening in the lives of our favorite celebrities and entertainers. It is because they are people too. Things are happening in their lives that we don't even know about. We only see what is put before us on the stage when they are performing. Some people fail to realize that some celebrities are just as  troubled as everyday people. Sometimes it seems that they have more troubles than everyday people. It doesn't seem like that should be, but it is happening.

James Debarge had some troubles. According to this YouTube Video, he wanted to give up, but Michael Jackson talked him out of it. Today I learned something about James Debarge I didn't know. I also learned something new about Michael Jackson. He seemed to have really cared about people, but we know him as someone that kept to himself. Maybe some of us didn't really know Michael at all. We only know Michael the singer and dancer. Many of us did not know him as a person.

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